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Dog Wash

Self-serve or Full-service, make the chore of washing your dog fun

Have you ever been bent over a tub, awkwardly crouched over your dog, and thinking…. There’s got to be an easier way to wash my dog? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

As a matter of fact...

The idea of Wash Your Dog popped into my head for this very reason. There I was, using a cup to scoop the water to wet and then rinse. Soaking wet, trying to get her dry enough so she wouldn’t ruin my bed by jumping up and rubbing herself all over my sheets, I had a thought.

If grooming shops are for “grooming” dogs that needed haircuts, what about those dogs that just need a good wash?

Wash Your Dog was born out of necessity. I knew that If I started a dog washing facility, I’d at least have one client - me. Turns out, others were looking for the same thing. 16 years later, Wash Your Dog is going strong.

We’ve learned a lot over the years but what we’ve learned most of all is how to make the chore of washing your dog fun.

We offer self-serve dog wash stations for those that don’t mind getting a little wet, and full-service washes for those that prefer someone else to do it.

Self-Serve Dog Wash

What makes Wash Your Dog truly unique is our self service facility. Our washing stations offer temperature controlled and sanitized waist high tubs with built-in stairs to make entering and exiting safe and easy for your dog. Our washing system combines warm water with the shampoo of your choice. Check-out our Shampoo Menu of 10 different options. Once all lathered-up, we rinse.

Should you need help with tangles, we have a wonderful cream rinse that softens the coat and leaves a long-lasting fresh scent. Is dry skin or hot spots a problem? We offer the Oxy-med Shampoo and Treatment which provides advanced care for hot spots, seborrhea and dry, flaky skin.

Up next… It’s Blueberry Facial Scrub Time!! This is a fan favorite! The Blueberry Facial Scrub cleans, brightens and is completely tearless. It is PH balanced and aroma therapeutic (who doesn’t love the smell of fresh blueberries?). With their faces blue and a shampoo mohawk, it’s usually picture time!

Ear cleanliness is very important to your dog’s overall health. Our professional, medicated ear cleaner removes wax, debris and reduces odors.

For drying, each of our stations have high velocity, temperature controlled dryers. This is great for quickly drying and blowing off any loose hair. We also have cage dryers for a gentler touch and all the fresh towels you care to use. Plus, we will provide you with brushes specifically designed for your dogs type of coat.

For the final touch, we offer Pet Silk coat conditioner. This liquid serum shines, conditions and has a fantastic, long lasting scent. For dogs with longer coats, we have a wide variety of colognes and perfumes.

At Wash Your Dog, our professional staff will clean and sanitize the tub and area between each dog.

Best of all, no appointment is ever necessary! Have they had a little too much fun at the dog park or rolled in something they shouldn’t? Come on in as we are open everyday 10-8.

Full-Service Dog Wash

If you prefer, bring your dog in and let Wash Your Dog do all the work. We will do everything spelled out in the self service wash and more. We will completely dry and brush them out.

We also offer teeth brushing and nail trimming.

Are fleas a problem? No need to panic. Our treatment kills fleas, ticks, lice, and ear mites. This natural quick action Pyrethrin concentrate provides strong resistance to insect immunity for complete and effective flea and tick control. This formula has a non-offensive odor and is safe for puppies and kittens twelve weeks or older.

What about the ultimate nightmare? SKUNK!!!! They are out there and ready to spray. No worries; we’ve got you covered. Our Odor Control Treatment is remarkably effective. We combine degreasing agents, odor neutralizers and other ingredients to create our solution.

What is the number one complaint of dog owners? GOT FUR?!? Luckily, Wash Your Dog is a Furminator Shed-less Treatment Authorized facility. The Furminator process reduces shedding up to 80%! The Furminator is a combination of a unique deshedding shampoo and solution, followed by the professional use of a special ultra-velocity blower and brushing with our revolutionary deshedding tools.
The fact of the matter is that we do so many Furminators and remove so much fur, each of our stores has a Furminator room to keep the mess contained.

Dog Wash Prices

Our prices are determined by the size of your dog, whether you are doing the washing, leaving it to us to do, or need the Furminator system.

Small Dog (Under 20lbs.)
Self-Serve - $15.95
Full-Serve - $28.95
Furminator Treatment - $39.95

Medium Dog (20 to 50 lbs)
Self-Serve - $17.95
Full-Serve - $31.95
Furminator Treatment - $46.95

Large Dog (50 to 100 lbs)
Self-Serve - $19.95
Full-Serve - $36.95
Furminator Treatment - $57.95

Really BIG Dog (Over 100 lbs)
Self-Serve - $21.95
Full-Serve - $41.95
Furminator Treatment - $76.95

Professional Grooming rates are breed specific.

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