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Dog Grooming

Head to tail to your liking

We understand how difficult it can be finding a groomer that you can trust. At Wash Your Dog, we treat every dog as if it were our pet. To prove this we do all of our grooming in front of all our customers, not in some back room out of sight. In fact, if you would like to stay to watch the entire process, you are welcome to.

Grooming is an art. It takes years to master the scores of specific hair designs that meet each breed standard. At Wash Your Dog our groomers have decades of experience. They have studied the standard of virtually all breeds and technical talent to achieve perfection.

But ability is only one part of a great groomer. Possibly the most important skill is working with the dogs. Our groomers have the knowledge, patience and compassion to relax even the most anxious dogs. We never use aggression or sedatives.

What's included & process

Our grooming is by appointment only.
You are welcome to call during business hours or use our scheduler here on the site to set one up. We set up exact appointment times so your best friend doesn’t have to sit stressed out in a cage all day.

When you come in for your scheduled appointment you and the groomer that will be tending to your dog. At that time we will discuss the kind of trim you want, any health concerns, behavioral issues, and price. (No one likes sticker shock!)

After the drop off, the groomer & Fido get acquainted on the grooming table. Doing a “rough in”. Shaving under the pads,removing hair from the ears if needed, trimming the privates, and trimming off all excess hair off the body. Then it’s bath time! Using the shampoo of your choice, Fido is lathered and scrubbed from head to toes! The bath also includes a blueberry facial, ear cleaning, and toenail trimming...which is always included in our grooming price! After getting nice and dry, we do the final trimming, because clean hair lays differently than dirty hair.

After Fido is looking spiffy, he gets a shot of cologne and is free to roam about and play with the other dogs! (Unless specified otherwise by you.) Usually we call you as soon as Fido is ready to be picked up. But there is never a hurry, if you need to pick him up after work, after you pick the children up from school, or soccer practice etc… Fido is always welcome to hang out with us and the other doggies!

Our grooming team

I have been obsessed with dogs since an early age! My first job was a bather at a kennel /grooming facility. I learned to groom & have been grooming for 36 years! I love grooming all breeds and I treat every dog as if it were my own! I have 3 dogs of my own: Deesyl - a lab, Sopheea- an Italian Greyhound & Chumlee- a border collie/lab mix. When we're not at Wash Your Dog, we enjoy hiking, camping, riding in our Jeep, and weekends at the lake!

I'm a professional dog groomer with 20 years experience. I can groom all breeds to breed standards as well as any way you may chose. I pride myself in taking the time and having patience with every dog!

Grooming Prices

Our prices are determined by size, breed, and coat condition. We are happy to give you an estimate on the phone, but the groomer will need to see your dog before we can give you an exact price.

All of our groomings include:

  • Hair cutting
  • Nail trimming and buffing
  • Bathing and conditioning
  • Blueberry facial scrub
  • Ear cleaning


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